Sunday, October 10, 2010

SHIPS: Illustration and Song Video

Whoop, time for an update. This one's a little different because I'm going to include a video of me drumming (Wow, who knew I don't only sit in front of the computer...? =P). But first, another illustration work:

This is one of the illustrations I did for an upcoming book for young adults called "SHIPS". This specific illustration won't be used in the final book because the author wanted to decrease the number of drawings, so I'm showing off here. =P Though I kind of cringe looking at this drawing... Working on this project has made me realize just how sad my drawing skills are. Anyhow, for more information about the book, visit the website(WIP), also linked on the right side under "SHIPS".

Next is a video of me playing drums for a song called "Creator of All" inspired by a character in SHIPS. The song was written entirely by the author of the book. My drumming is not anything to boast about (and I mess up a couple of times), but it was fun playing a great song on a nicely sounding drum set with musicians who actually know what they're doing. Make sure to change the quality to 480p since Youtube doesn't provide an option to embed in that resolution.

Now, if you viewed that without noting that the camera angle from behind the two guitarists was from another take, then I must've done a pretty good job. =P
The video itself looks pretty simple, but it actually took a while to get it looking and sounding like this. I had to learn a whole new software to edit the audio (called "Audacity") mainly because the recording wasn't the best (everything was recorded using one microphone). I tweaked the audio (and actually cut and extended very small portions of it) to make it more "perfect". Then I went through a process of using Windows Movie Maker (which I initially chose to use because the expensive After Effects refuses to play audio back with the video on demand), then using After Effects (because the exported video from Windows Movie Maker had problems due to a weird source video), and also using a video converting software called Format Factory (which actually became integral for me to finish this video because that weird source video still caused problems when exporting with After Effects). Whew.

Adieu for now. =)


Sereirath said...

Good job KiJeon. I'm impressed. I would roll off the low frequency though, to kill some of that boominess.

Tim Robinson said...

Very cool.

quyaRox said...

hey did u have anny comics or story to read??? where can i get them?? thanx for reply. i want something to fill my free time...really interest in ur unique...

KiJeon Nam said...

@quyaRox: I don't read comics myself, but you should be able to find plenty of free comic strips and stories online.