Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Children's Book Illustration: The Wolf and the Lamb

I was looking through some of my old stuff the other day and decided I'll upload this. It was a project to reinterpret and illustrate a story for children. Mine was one of Aesop's Fables called "The Wolf and the Lamb". Enjoy. =)


Naomi said...

I really like your style. Do you have more stuff like this (I mean, that is not 3D)? It's been great visiting your blog. (Naomi from Cambodian church)

KiJeon Nam said...

Hey, Naomi.
Glad you enjoyed your visit, haha. All my work that I've made public so far are mainly on this blog. To see all posts that contain works I did in 2d, look for a "LABELS" section on the right side (You're going to want to scroll down a little), then click on "2D". Let me know if these aren't enough. xP

- KiJeon

Naomi said...

Hi KiJeon.

So I browsed your blog again, and scrolled through some of the pictures under the "2D" heading. If you're interested, could I forward you a profile of one of the characters in my book...and you could draw whatever comes to mind? I thought it might be fun to see your interpretation, but only if you have time. BTW the link to my website is Keep in mind that the website (and ministry) is still pretty underdeveloped and is a work in progress. To see the synopsis for Ships, click on to the "Ships" link at the top of the home page!