Thursday, October 16, 2008

3D Zippy

Surprise. xP

Yeah, I know some of you must be scrambling back to your seats after having visited my blog just because, expecting nothing, and upon finding a new post, fell off your chairs. Oh, you didn't? Heh, a new post nevertheless. As you can see, it's a 3D version of Zippy. The render above are the orthographic front and side views. The one below is ambient occlusion renders (?) of Zippy more or less in the neutral pose I tend to draw him in.

Some of you may be wondering if Zippy's also rigged. Eh, kind of. If you look carefully, some parts seem kind of weird... That's because I semi-rigged, weighted, and posed Zippy within 2 hours, so it's nothing I could animate with, but just thought to do it so Zippy doesn't look so stiff. =P The render below is how I've always colored my character.

Does he look weird with these colors? It appears people have been assuming Zippy's supposed to have no colors, a weird concept to me who has always imagined his character in green. Hm, I don't know... Maybe I could make better choices for color. xP Anyways, I guess my 3D character post wouldn't be complete without me making things look shiny, so here ya go. =)

Oh, noez, it's the meeting of the Zippys! =P Thanks for visiting. =)

P.S. Imaginary prize for anyone who could point out a certain change in the character design for Zippy from the last post to this one. =D Addtionally, check out Naturally 7 and their "Vocal Play" (Video linked for a limited time only. =P)


Howard Cheng said...

Finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally~~~!!!
Finally see Zippy in 3d. I have been waiting for this for two years, man~!
Fully rig him, it's worth it.
Hmm...why do you like to glass your character...?

may said...

Wow!!! it looks realy good. what a nice 3d model:) I'm sure that after you finish the whole texturing process, it will look a lot more impressive to everybody.

PS: This is totally not a Simple Cartoon Character to me, but it seems you made it easily:) GOOD JOB, KEY!!!

KiJeon Nam said...

@ Howard: I "glass" them because it looks cool. =P Eh, that, and some people got a kick out of me doing that with zTrex. I guess for me, it's become kind of practice in lighting? Haha. =P

@ May: Ah... texture... xP Anyways, thanks a lot for your help with the model. =)

jenfuj said...

ooohhhh, SHINY. (drools) :)

willy said...

Wow 3D Zippy! Nice job! I always imagined him as the shiny glassy one :)

EricWu said...

Nice, looks very marketable.

Nhut Pham said...

Here it is! 3d Zippy! :)
I don't know about other people! But I love the "glass" zippies! It's good to be used a Christmas tree ornament. It reminds me of the "Grinch" heheh. Just jk! Good job man! Hope to see it in actionnnnnnn!

Charles said...

something new other than Zippy would be cool!!!

Salim Ramirez said...

wassup!! just droppin thru to see if you had any new posts since the last time i stopped by, which you don't. hahaha zippy is a cool character though!!!! by the way I just changed my adress so you might have to updated it is

Chez Dave said...

Yes, a good design and yes it has taken a while for you to finally model this guy. I'd say that the color green could work but it seems a bit too loud to use that intensity of the color. I'd say maybe lighter or a bit muted with a gradual transition to the white chest area. Right now its like a Pepto Bismol Ad. Moreover is the change in design the chest?

KiJeon Nam said...

Hey, guys. Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate every one of them. =D

@ Salim: It's been updated. Thanks for letting me know. =)

@ David: Thanks for your insult and feedback. -.- But I think your comment regarding the green being too "loud" is valid. As for your guess... thanks for playing, but no. =P In case anyone's wondering, it's the number of fingers. He now has four on each hand, instead of three.